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 TrueFile Features:

Getting control of your data is a three step process.

Identify - Uncover content with Dynamic Filtering to understand what you are storing and who owns it.

Report - Create detailed custom reports to follow trends and isolate habits in MS Word, HTML, and Excel

Manage - Take action as a one time event or set a policy with the built in scheduler or auto archiver

Product Brief

* User Permissions and File Rights maintained for archive, or migration with Logging of all file movement.

Automate File Management with dynamic policies

TrueFile is a simple to use application that manages data through policies and provides automated monitoring.  Migrate date while retaining file permissions.  Detailed analysis for forecasting and locating both redundant or aging files for archiving.

Data Management

Accelerated multi-threaded scanning engine

Efficient Data Analysis and Management

File Search

Disk Management

User Audit Reports

Professional Reporting