Storworks provides flexible, stepped approach to lifecyle options for Fossil Assets


Reuse vs. Retire

Bloomberg New Energy Outlook predicts 1,100 GW of fossil power plants will be obsoleted by 2050.  Rather than losing billions of dollars of existing investment, Storworks Power provides a process to reuse the majority of those assets by transforming them into inexpensive “thermal batteries” or more flexible generation assets – or both.

Significant savings come from the re-use of steam turbines, generators, condensers, feedwater systems, transmission, interconnections, transformers, and skilled employees.

Conversion costs can be under $400 per kW, with incremental costs below $30/kWh; far below battery systems; even future cost estimates.

Storworks offers an immediate or a gradual conversion of assets
  • Creates a “second Life” by making assets very flexible with either a coal or natural gas heat source
  • Provides a “third life” to FlexGen assets as electricity storage-only dispatchable power by using electricity as heat source
    – Can be phased in – allows gradual conversion to electricity charging
  • Allows the capability to use natural gas or hydrogen as an emergency backup for the occasional failure of wind and solar
    – “Generation for the post-carbon future”