Storworks solves the industry’s power generation mismatch between variable renewable resources and existing inflexible generation



Today’s generation doesn’t meet tomorrow’s needs.

There is a new requirement for assets to be very flexible
  • High ramp rates / responsive startup
  • Low minimum generation (zero or negative is even better)
  • Short start-up time
Inflexible Generation is not economically sustainable
  • Many plants face operating frequently at a loss and frequently cycling
  • Frequent shutdowns increase O&M costs and shorten equipment life
This creates emissions challenges at startup.
Inflexible Generation assets can result in renewable curtailment.


Our BolderBloc™ storage technology converts legacy thermal power generation into state of the art, storage + generation assets at a fraction of the cost of new generation or storage. It offers unlimited cycling with greater than 30-year life.

  • Repurpose thermal generation plants that currently use steam turbines
  • Baseload power plants can be converted to peaking plants
  • Dramatic improvements in ramp rates and start-up time
  • Unlimited cycling, 30-year life
  • Simple and modular technology scalable for all applications