Today’s generation doesn’t meet tomorrow’s needs: there is a new requirement for assets to be very flexible


Our BolderBloc™ storage technology converts legacy thermal power generation into flexible assets at a fraction of the cost of new

Our Technology

BolderBloc™ Module
  • Patented high performance concrete and steel tube systems
  • Proven to operate at up to 600°C
  • Low cost, modular, factory built, assembled on site
  • Configurable for every thermal generation design
  • Unique concrete formula utilizes fly ash, minimizing environmental impact

High Rating, Low Cost

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) gives a high overall score to concrete thermal storage across key factors such as cost, operation and maintenance, integration with fossil plants and scalability.

Economic Benefits

Storworks provides flexible, stepped approach to lifecyle options for Fossil Assets at a significantly lower cost of dispatchable power than other industry options.