Storworks is based in Arvada, Colorado. We were founded in 2010 as Bright Energy Storage and recently relaunched as Storworks Power.


Through our proprietary technology and our strategic relationships with industry, EPCs and concrete fabricators, we are able to deliver the lowest cost energy storage solutions with a 25+ year lifetime.

Storworks Guiding Principles:
  • Achieve low capital costs per kW/kWh through high efficiency, low cost heat exchangers and heat storage media and re-use of existing capital equipment
  • Ensure that we are competitive against operating costs of incumbent generation equipment, not just better than competing storage systems
Storworks Has Been Refining and Testing CTES since 2015
  • Testing with full-length (40’), blocks at ~600 C temps.
  • Experimental validation of modeled performance
  • Verify materials and assembly adequacy to high temp soak and  300+ thermal cycles